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How much do you trust Zeke?

Early mock drafts with both Yahoo and ESPN leagues have Ezekiel Elliot with an ADP of between 8-10. Granted, it's early and we have to see how the pre-season shakes up, but we think that is too high for the rookie running back. Here's why. First off, running backs have become increasingly inconsistent and injury [...]

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The state of fantasy sports

Everyday millions of Americans flock to fantasy sports websites like Fanduel, DraftKings, CBS Sports and Yahoo! Sports to draft their fantasy teams just because they want to beat their friends or perhaps to win some hard-core cash. There has been a great debate that daily fantasy sport business is dead. Or is it? Well, if [...]

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Fantasy Baseball Draft Proxies

Baseball season is right around the corner.  If you have a fantasy baseball draft coming up that you are unable to attend, hire a fantasy baseball draft proxy!  We will login as you (discreetly of course) and draft your fantasy baseball team for you.  You can either provide us with a strategy that you would [...]

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2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

Obviously, there are lots of different strategies for drafting your fantasy football team. But if you're reading this, you already know that already. So here is the top-level, big picture, macro-view (take your pick) strategy that we like this year and it applies to most formats. It's also a drastic change from the way we've drafted in the past.

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Going Under Covers… Finding Sleepers in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Inevitably there is always a ton of talk around draft time about which players are sleepers. Well, that got me to thinking, what makes a player a sleeper? I'm going to attempt to answer that question all while giving some insight into some of the draft strategies we like to use at Fantasy Draft Proxies. [...]

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Are You Mocking Me?

Your fantasy football draft is just around the corner. I know this because today is August 3rd and the first NFL Preseason game is this weekend. You may have looked at some rankings, check out a site or two, but have you done any real work? If you haven't done at least one mock draft, [...]

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Fantasy Football Draft… Snake vs Auction

If you have played fantasy football, or any fantasy sport for that matter, you are most likely familiar with the "snake" draft format. The player with the first pick will have the last pick in round two, then the first pick in round three and the theme continues. Another form of draft is the "auction" [...]

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Do you need a replacement for your fantasy football draft?

Hire a fantasy football draft proxy!  Our experts will log in to your online fantasy football draft and draft your team for you in the event that you cannot attend your draft.  We know life happens.  Unfortunately, sometimes those pesky weddings or anniversaries do not coincide with your league's fantasy football draft.  Don't let your [...]

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Arrested Developments…

So what happens in your fantasy football auto draft when your rankings don't account for the player who just got arrested for DUI or hitting his mamma? You end up with a player who will be suspended for half the season. When you end up with a team with suspended players you end up losing [...]

By |2012-08-03T18:00:30-04:00July 20th, 2012|Blog|Comments Off on Arrested Developments…
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