Baseball season is right around the corner.  If you have a fantasy baseball draft coming up that you are unable to attend, hire a fantasy baseball draft proxy!  We will login as you (discreetly of course) and draft your fantasy baseball team for you.  You can either provide us with a strategy that you would like to implement or you can rely on our expert drafters to draft you an excellent team.

Fill out the form below and provide us with your draft information.
*Note that fantasy draft proxies only participates in online drafts and that you will have to provide your username and password so that we can login to your league’s draft.  If you are concerned about providing your username and password, click here to review our privacy policy.

Online Snake Draft: $50
Online Auction Draft: $75

* If we are unable to find an available drafter, we will refund your money.

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On the PayPal screen that you will go to next, there is a portion for “special instructions”. Please add any special draft instructions (players that you would like to target etc.).