Where we were right.. where we were wrong.

Wow, what a crazy year.

First off, let’s start where we were wrong.

So yeah… about those Steelers… I will say this, it’s not entirely out fault.  Big Ben going down totally destroyed the value of JuJu, and to a lesser degree James Connor (although his constant injuries also didn’t help him).   We were nervous (and rightly so) about guys like David Johnson and LeVeon Bell so we were taking Connor ahead of those guys.  We were also taking JuJu ahead of *sigh* Michael Thomas in non PPR leagues.  Oh well, here’s hoping a healthy Big Ben returns value to JuJu and company.

Our late round tight end flyers were… not… good.  We were waiting on guys like Vance McDonald (again, not entirely our fault), Delanie Walker (our fault) and Jordan Reed (his brain’s fault).  We did sprinkle in the occasional Mark Andrews pick in there, but for the most part our plan to wait on the TE didn’t work out great.

Two of our QB targets were busts.  If the price was right, we liked grabbing Carson Wentz. Again, an injury-riddled wide receiving corps killed him, but he didn’t play great all year.  Often we would wait and get Jared Goff late.  What the heck happened to that dude?  But often we got you…

Lamar Jackson.  Which leads us too…

Where we were right

Lamar was probably our top-targeted QB, especially in 4 pt PaTD leagues.  And this dude was a stud.  At a minimum he got you int the playoffs and hopefully he got you a championship.

Other guys that we targeted a lot were: Dalvin Cook (usually late 1st round), Chris Carson, Chris Godwin, Austin Ekeler, and Julian Edelman.  And our late round sleepers of Marvin Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup and Darren Waller worked out pretty well too.

Hopefully, you made some savvy moves throughout the year and got yourself a championship!  Because like we always say, the draft is only a small part of your fantasy football season.  Our job is to get you off to a strong start, and for the most part, we had a pretty successful year.