“I was asked by an executive at our firm to attend an event with him and a client on the same night as my league’s fantasy draft. I had two hours until the event and reached out to Fantasy Draft Proxy. Nate was immediately responsive and agreed to draft a team for me at the scheduled time. He drafted a team for me and the other guys in my league had no idea that it was not me drafting players for my team. 10/10 experience and I would use this service again.” – E.W.

“I hired these guys to draft my team for me the last two years and each year I’ve made the playoffs. I was concerned about the other guys in my league knowing that I hired a proxy, but they have no clue!” – Steve K.

“Last year I was unable to attend my draft so I researched the internet to try to find someone to draft my team for me. I found these guys and they seemed legit so I gave them a shot and I ended up with a very good team. I will definitely be using them again!” – Aaron S.

“I was tired of losing my fantasy football league each year so I decided to hire some help. I purchased two hours of live draft consultation. It worked out great and nobody knew I hired a professional to assist me even though I was sitting in the same room with all the other league managers!” – Joe M.