of clients had a +500 winning percentage in 2022
of clients made the playoffs in 2022
of clients won their leagues in 2022

Because AutoDraft Sucks.

Fantasy Draft Proxies is a group of fantasy sports draft experts who can be hired to draft your fantasy football or baseball team for you.  If you cannot attend your fantasy football or baseball draft and would rather have a live person draft your team rather than auto draft (unless you want 4 tight ends on your team), then Fantasy Draft Proxies is for you.

When you hire one of the draft experts at Fantasy Draft Proxies, you can either choose to provide detailed instructions on how to draft your team or rely on the combined decades of fantasy sports expertise that our drafters bring to the table.  Either way, you can be assured that you will enter the fantasy football or baseball season with a highly competitive team.

Our fantasy experts specialize in all types of drafts, including auction, snake and keeper leagues.

Learn more about how to hire a fantasy draft expert from Fantasy Draft Proxies.


“I hired these guys to draft my team for me the last two years and each year I’ve made the playoffs. I was concerned about the other guys in my league knowing that I hired a proxy, but they have no clue!”
Steve K.
“Last year I was unable to attend my draft so I researched the internet to try to find someone to draft my team for me. I found these guys and they seemed legit so I gave them a shot and I ended up with a very good team. I will definitely be using them again!”
Aaron S.
“I was tired of losing my fantasy football league each year so I decided to hire some help. I purchased two hours of live draft consultation. Nate and I did a screenshare so he could monitor the draft as it was happening, and then we skyped about who to pick. It worked out great and nobody knew I hired a professional to assist me even though I was sitting in the same room with all the other league managers!”
Joe M.

Online Snake Draft

$6500*conditions apply
  • Hire a fantasy football expert to draft your team for you.
  • *Maximum 1.5 hours draft time. Additional hours are $25

Online Salary Cap Draft

$10000*conditions apply
  • Hire a fantasy football expert to draft your team for you.
  • *Maximum 2 hours of draft time. Additional hours are $25.


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