Fantasy Draft Proxies will participate in your Yahoo, ESPN or other online fantasy draft, but in order to login to your league’s draft, we will require your username and password.  We will never share this information with anyone other than the selected fantasy football expert that will be drafting your team.

We also will not access any other area of your account other than the fantasy football league areas.  This includes access to your personal information, password, email or other non-fantasy-related content.  We will not purchase any products or subscriptions under your account.  We will login to your account no more than 30 minutes before the draft starts and will log out immediately after the draft ends.

If you are uncomfortable with sharing your username and password with us, then we recommend that you change your password immediately after the draft.  This is for your peace of mind only.  We assure you that we will never access your account again after the draft (unless you hire us to draft another team for you).

If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your information, feel free to email [email protected].