Time for our annual “where we were right, where we were wrong” segment!

So let’s just start with this.  2017 was crazy.  Nobody could have predicted the amount of injuries to star players or the emergence of rookie sensations (nice to meet you, Mr. Kamara).  That being said, there were still sleepers that paid off and busts that did indeed, bust.

Here’s where we were right:

  1.  We were wary of a lot of the round one wide receivers.  This strategy was more important for an auction draft, rather than a snake, but we had definite reservations about OBJ, Julio and Mike Evans.  And as it turned out, those reservations were justified.
  2. We LOVED us some Zach Ertz.  You’re welcome.
  3. For the most part, we adhered to the “wait on a QB” strategy which usually landed you someone like a Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton or Phillip Rivers – all of which were serviceable plays most weeks.  Oh, and if Nate drafted your team, you probably had Carson Wentz as your back-up QB.  Again, you’re welcome.
  4. We didn’t lose faith in Mark Ingram.  His ADP was way too low and we often got him in the 5th or 6th round for you.
  5. The sleepers who hit: Marvin Jones and Adam Thielen were drafted on almost every team.  As for RBs, we were high on Burkhead (who had a nice streak of games when it really mattered for fantasy purposes), and our 15th round TE specials of Evan Engram and Jack Doyle were pretty nice picks as well.

Where we were wrong (sigh).

  1. We weren’t high enough on Gurley or DeAndre Hopkins.  Oh what a difference a year makes…
  2. Our 2nd/3rd round picks were just… meh.  Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi and DeMarco Murray had underwhelming seasons as did Doug Baldwin and Demaryius Thomas.  Chances are, these picks didn’t kill you, but they didn’t help you much either.
  3. We liked the rookie RBs, but not as much as we should have.  These guys were just getting drafted too high to justify picking them.  As it turned out, the hype was real.  Could we be entering the age of the rookie RB?

We were very excited to hear from many of you that you made your league’s play-offs and even some championships!  Please feel free to reach out and let us know how you did at the end of the season.  We’re always curious!

See you next year!