Who will be this year’s James Robinson or Justin Jefferson? It’s time to talk sleepers!

QB Sleepers
1. Ryan Tannehill. He isn’t so much of a sleeper as a value due to the fact that he has pretty much dominated since taking over the job from Mariota. He runs. He’s accurate. And now he has Julio Jones. You can get Tanny in the 9th or 10th round. Sign us up.

2. Joe Burrow.  There are two big “if’s” involved here. IF he stays healthy and IF his offensive line can protect him he WILL score a ton of points. He probably won’t run that much this year and that’s ok. The Bengals D still stinks so they will have to pass a ton and he has some pretty scary weapons that can find the end zone. If we miss out on Tannehill, we’re taking Burrow.

Running Backs Sleepers
1. Javonte Williams. The Broncos want to run and it’s pretty obvious that they’ve soured on aging veteran Melvin Gordon. Reports out of camp say that Williams is primed to take over the starting roll, and if that happens watch out.

2. Tony Pollard. This is entirely tied to what our eyes told us about Ezekiel Elliot last year. He looked spent, which doesn’t make much sense because he’s not THAT old even by running back standards, so it could just be that the mercurial Elliot was simply disinterested in going all out for a bad team. But the difference when Pollard was in the game was stark. Tony is electric and if Zeke continues to be just “meh” he could end up seeing a much bigger roll in a powerful offense.

Wide Receivers
1. Laviska Shenault Jr. Urban Meyer doesn’t hide his feelings. It’s clear he isn’t happy with D.J. Chark. Shenault flashed last year and he WILL BE the #1 wide receiver for Trevor Lawrence this year, which isn’t a bad place to be. He has high WR2 upside.

2. Russell Gage. Somebody has to fill in for Julio and Gage is that guy. When he saw the field last year, he produced, especially in PPR leagues and he will have a full time job this year. Scoop this guy with one of your last picks in the draft and you could find a diamond in the rough.

Tight Ends

Skip this and take Kelce in the first round.