We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how draft strategies should change this year. With all of the uncertainty regarding COVID-19, there ARE some things that we recommend you do a bit differently this year.

First off, depth is going to be even more crucial this year than ever before. In the late rounds, when you may have gone after a deep sleeper or running back handcuff, it’s more important to get a player who you KNOW will at least be able to provide you something on a week-to-week basis. So instead of drafting Tony Pollard, who will get you next to nothing unless Zeke goes down, draft someone like Tevin Coleman or NyHeim Hines and Tarik Cohen (if PPR) because you know those guys will have a roll every week.

Also, for leagues under 12 teams, there is no reason to draft a second quarterback or tight end. This is normally the case, but especially this year. You’ll need the extra depth at running back and wide receiver and there will always be viable QBs and TEs on the waiver wire if your guy goes down.

To a lesser extent, you might want to avoid drafting more than two players on the same team. If the virus gets into that team’s locker room, you could be missing all of those guys. Think of your team like a stock portfolio – diversify!

Lastly, we recommend talking to your league commissioner and having him/her add an IL spot or two to your teams this year. It would suck for week eight to roll around and half of your team is on a bye and the other half has COVID…