1. D.J. Chark
    Marvin Jones was brought in to replace him. We wouldn’t be surprised if Chark gets cut. Take Shenault two rounds later.
  2. Saquon Barkley
    Too much injury risk for his ADP. This could change once training camps start so pay close attention.
  3. Miles Sanders
    Too many other running backs in this area that are way better bets (Gibson, CEH, Carson, Dobbins, Montgomery)
  4. James Conner
    Even if he stays healthy, he’s not getting more than 50% of the snaps and he never stays healthy. Edmunds is younger and better.
  5. Jalen Hurts
    How is he all-of-the-sudden a top 10 qb? He can run, but his WR corp is weak.
  6. Ezekiel Elliot
    Not unless he drops into the middle of the second round (which he won’t). My eyes say it’s close to being Pollard time.