Your fantasy football draft is just around the corner. I know this because today is August 3rd and the first NFL Preseason game is this weekend. You may have looked at some rankings, check out a site or two, but have you done any real work? If you haven’t done at least one mock draft, what are you waiting for!?

Mock drafts get you a realistic idea of who will be available and when you might have to get them. Doing several mock drafts can help you gather groups of players that you can realistically target in every round. This will also help you plan your fantasy football draft strategy. You might learn that Darren Sproles is unlikely to fall to the fourth round, but Michael Turner and Frank Gore can be had in the fifth round.

At Fantasy Draft Proxies we specialize in helping other people get the best teams possible. One of the tools we use is the mock draft. It helps us to evaluate when and where to take players. If you can’t attend your own draft, here is what I recommend. Do a few mock drafts yourself and try a few different strategies. Then when you hire a proxy, you can indicate what strategies you liked, which players you think are best to target, and how you want to build your team. Odds are the mock draft experience will have given you a good chance at identifying a realistic strategy that can be implemented on draft day.