Most of these players should be pretty obvious because they are coming off of major injuries or have probable suspensions on the horizon. However, their ADP is still way too high when you factor in their availability issues. So here are the no-brainer “stay away” guys if you’re doing Best Ball or early redraft leagues.

#1. Chris Godwin

This dude is coming off of multiple ligament tears that happened at the end of last season.  They just paid this guy which means they’re going to be careful with their investment. I don’t think we’ll see him until November at the earliest and even then he’s probably not going to be the Chris Godwin we’re used to. This is a guy who cuts to get open in the short and intermediate routes. We may not see him return to form until the 2023 season. And he’s going in the 5th round currently. If you want to take the risk and play for the second half of the season, draft him in round 9 or later (he’s more valuable in a dynasty league obviously).

#2. Alvin Kamara

Kamara is likely facing a 6-8 game suspension this year for his involvement in a bar fight. Now that suspension may be the first 6 games of the year or it may come later in the season, but he’s going to be facing a lengthy suspension… probably (check out the pictures of the dude he hit).  That’s too big of a hit (pun intended) for somebody going in the third round currently. If he’s available a couple of rounds later, then you can pick him up.

#3. James Robinson

Achilles tears are brutal. And he did it at the end of the year. Chances are, we don’t see James at all this year and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s done for good. Achilles injuries are that hard to come back from. If you’re in a redraft league, there is no reason to draft this guy. But if you really want him, take him with one of your last picks. But he won’t be there because dummies are drafting him much earlier than that. Way too rich for a guy who may not see the field in 2022.

#4. Michael Thomas

Flip a coin. Do you really think the old Michael Thomas is lurking there? We don’t. The guy is the tri-fecta of old, disgruntled and injury prone (he’s STILL not practicing in full as of this writing).  Obviously, many people think old Michael Thomas is still there as he’s currently going around the 5th round. That’s way too high for a guy with this amount of bust potential. If he’s there around the 8th round, we might consider him. Otherwise, uh uh.

#5. Deshaun Watson

He’s still being drafted. I don’t know why. If you’re in a redraft league, don’t waste the pick.