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Are You Mocking Me?

Your fantasy football draft is just around the corner. I know this because today is August 3rd and the first NFL Preseason game is this weekend. You may have looked at some rankings, check out a site or two, but have you done any real work? If you haven't done at least one mock draft, [...]

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Fantasy Football Draft… Snake vs Auction

If you have played fantasy football, or any fantasy sport for that matter, you are most likely familiar with the "snake" draft format. The player with the first pick will have the last pick in round two, then the first pick in round three and the theme continues. Another form of draft is the "auction" [...]

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Arrested Developments…

So what happens in your fantasy football auto draft when your rankings don't account for the player who just got arrested for DUI or hitting his mamma? You end up with a player who will be suspended for half the season. When you end up with a team with suspended players you end up losing [...]

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Dear Fantasy Football Auto Draft… You Are Killing Me!

The only thing worse than auto draft, is not playing fantasy football. How dastardly is it that some leagues do a mandatory auto draft. I did one, once. You can rank players and prepare what you think will happen, but when some Lions homer takes Matthew Stafford with the third overall pick, you have to [...]

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Picking a Draft Strategy… All About Position

I often hear people talk about fantasy football draft strategy and discuss drafting a running back in the first round no matter what. In any fantasy football draft it is important to not only be flexible with who you draft and how you build your team, but also to understand what types of players will [...]

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